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Shree International is here to provide you a huge variety of movies range from latest Bollywood blockbusters to the evergreen classics. Shree Intl strives to provide entertainment for every kind of target audience that you may service. Our service and quality is top notch and you can rely on us for the choicest Bollywood products. So, enjoy your stay here and feel free to contact us with any questions about our selection.

Cast:Nana Patekhar, Dimple Kapadia, Suneil Shetty & Others
Director:Kabir Sadanand
Producer: Nikhil Panchamiya
Presented by:Shree International
Distributed by:
Release Date: 2nd April 2010
Synopsis:Tum Milo Toh Sahi is not just a romantic is three unique romantic stories in one Set in modern-day Mumbai, with all the demands and pressures of city life, the film weaves together the lives of three couples who connect with each other through a series of touching and hilarious moments, sometimes just over a simple cup of coffee.

"It is about the meeting of souls (Nana Patekar and Dimple Kapadia), the meeting of minds (Suniel Shetty and Vidya Malavade) and the meeting of hearts (Rehan Khan and Anjana Sukhani), underlining that love is the driving force in people's lives, irrespective of age... from school kids to the youth of today, from people in their mid-lives' crises to those who are sixty plus. The journey of life slowly aids the discovery of love in all its different shades and hues, at different stages; it brings with it the bitter, the sweet and sometimes the spicy, making life worth living.

Tum Milo Toh Sahi is a film about human victory, when ordinary people come together to combine their strengths and stand by what they believe in. Come rediscover love in the wonderful journey of Tum Milo Toh Sahi
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