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Shree International is here to provide you a huge variety of movies range from latest Bollywood blockbusters to the evergreen classics. Shree Intl strives to provide entertainment for every kind of target audience that you may service. Our service and quality is top notch and you can rely on us for the choicest Bollywood products. So, enjoy your stay here and feel free to contact us with any questions about our selection.

Cast:Bobby Deol, Akshay Khanna, Urvashi Sharma & Others
Director:Abaas – Mustan
Producer:Kumar S Tawrani / Ramesh S Tawrani
Presented by:Shree International
Distributed by:
Release Date: 13th July 2007
Synopsis:NAQAAB 'Naqaab tells the story of Sophie Urvashi Sharma), a young girl from a middle-class family. She is engaged to millionaire Karan Khanna (Bobby Deol). When she meets Vicky Malhotra (Akshaye Khanna) her affections shift to him and problems begin in her relationship with Karan.

"The focus of the film also shifts to the shady past of all three characters, with some unexpected elements thrown in.

Who does Urvashi choose?
Who does she really want?
What are their shady pasts?

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