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Khuda Kay LiyeBack
Cast:Shan, Iman Ali and Naseerudin Shah, Fawad Khan & Others
Director:Shoaib Mansoor
Producer:Percept Picture Co
Presented by:Shree International
Distributed by:
Release Date: 4th April 2008
Synopsis:'This film is about the difficult in which Pakistanis in particular and the Muslims in general are caught up since 9/11. There is a war going on between the fundamentalists and the Liberal Muslims this situation is creating a drift not only between the western world and the educated and modern Muslims are in a difficult situation because of their approach towards life and their western attire. They are criticized and harassed by the fundamentalists and on the other hand the western world sees them as potential suspects of terrorism just because of their Muslim names.

"This PARADOX is resulting in great suffering for a forwarding looking Muslims. this is the theme of the film “KHUD KE LIYE” which in English means : “In the Name of God

The interesting thing about the film is how it connects the happening in the three continents. Unlike the usual India and Pakistani films based on romantic sagas, dances and songs. This film is based on some very serious issues, raising a lot of controversial questions engaging the Muslim minds these days. It helps the Muslim youth find a direction …. The right direction, which we all are looking towards.
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