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Shree International is here to provide you a huge variety of movies range from latest Bollywood blockbusters to the evergreen classics. Shree Intl strives to provide entertainment for every kind of target audience that you may service. Our service and quality is top notch and you can rely on us for the choicest Bollywood products. So, enjoy your stay here and feel free to contact us with any questions about our selection.

Cast:Rajat kapoor, Konkona sensharma, Princy Shukla, Irrfan Khan, Sandhya Mritul,Zakir Hussain & Others
Director:Tanveer Khan
Producer:Ravi Agarwal
Presented by:Shree International
Distributed by:
Release Date: 10th November 2006
Synopsis:DEADLINE Dr. Viren Goenka, his wife Sanjana and their seven-year old daughter nisha are happy family in Mumbai. Their joys have just multiplied with Viren Being honourned a pristigious award for his contribution to the medical world. Viren is all set to visit New Delhi to receive this award in a grand function. He promises his daughter to take her for a fabulous family vacation once he returns. However, fate had something else planned for Viren and his family.

"Destiny strikes hard against them and Anishka is kidnapped. And Sanjana is startled with the presence of a creepy man named Krish in her house. Krish tells her that Anishka will be fine as long as she and Viren follows his instructions. while Krish keeps Sanjana in the house, his partner Roohi keeps Viren confined in his holet room and their third associate Kabir hold Anishka at a remote location.

The kidnappers gives Viren 24 hours to comply with their demand and ask a ransom of Rs 3 crore. The story moves around with pace and anticipation and ultimately ends with appalling lesion for all.

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