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Shree International is here to provide you a huge variety of movies range from latest Bollywood blockbusters to the evergreen classics. Shree Intl strives to provide entertainment for every kind of target audience that you may service. Our service and quality is top notch and you can rely on us for the choicest Bollywood products. So, enjoy your stay here and feel free to contact us with any questions about our selection.

Cast:Jimmy Shergill ,Kim Sharma ,Kabir Sadanand, Farid Amiri, Daler Mehendi as Special Appearance & Others
Director:Dilip Sood
Producer:Swadesh Entertainment
Presented by:Shree International
Distributed by:
Release Date: 5th October 2007
Synopsis:Ravi, is a final year student of a Delhi Mass Communication college. He lives life on his own terms and choses starange paths to experience something different out of life.That's why Ravi, along with his two friends decided to venture into something….. But he didnot know that this would change his life forever. Ravi (Jimmy Sheirgill), Shiv (Kabir) and Sunny (Farid), three final year students from a Delhi Mass Com College decided to make their diploma film about a myth which was prevalent in the northern hills of India But they did not know that the myth would turn out to be the truth. The most starling truth of their lives. Ravi planned the trip against the wishes of his girlfriend Rashmi (Kim Sharma) and college professor Saxena (Ahmed Khan)as both of them thought it to be a dangerous trip. However Sunny eagerly joined the trip considering it as a fun trip. It was surely fun when they began… But as they got deeper into the jungle their courage and beliefs were put totes.

"And then something unexpected happened. Their deepest fears and worst nightmares was about to come true.

What would they do now ? It was not only a question but it was also the question of their survival.

Chasing his dreams, doing what he believed in was always the first priority thing for Ravi, but this time... He went little too far to turn back... and the price that he had to pay for it was something he never bargained for.
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