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Shree International is here to provide you a huge variety of movies range from latest Bollywood blockbusters to the evergreen classics. Shree Intl strives to provide entertainment for every kind of target audience that you may service. Our service and quality is top notch and you can rely on us for the choicest Bollywood products. So, enjoy your stay here and feel free to contact us with any questions about our selection.

Shreyas Talpade ,Tusshar Kapoor, Udita Goswami & Others
Director:Anant Mahadevan
Producer:Shyam Bajaj, Narendra Bajaj
Presented by:Shree International
Distributed by:
Release Date: 14th September 2007
Synopsis:Aggar Aggar is a thrilling story of Passion, Betrayal and Fear. A woman discovers that, becoming attracted to the wrong man can have dangerous consequences.

"Janvi (Udita Goswami) is a woman who is leading a ideal life . She runs a thriving business and is married to a psychiatrist named Dr Adi Merchant (Shreyas Talpade).But a problems start in her relationship when Aryan (Tusshar Kapoor), enters Janvi’s life. For the first time Janvi impulsively gets drawn into an acquaintance, which she believes will give her something to live for. But she realizes that she was getting herself entangled into serious problems and tries to break off her affair. But Aryan has other plans and is not ready to give her up so easily. His attraction to her soon becomes a dangerous obsession threatening to endanger the life of Dr Adi.

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