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Action ReplayyBack
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Aishwarya Rai, Randhir Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Neha Dhupia & Others.
Director:Vipul Shah
Producer:Vipul Shah
Presented by:Shree International
Distributed by:
Release Date: 5th November 2010
Synopsis:Bunty and Tanya. Two people very much in love. Quite naturally, they should get married and live happily ever after, right? But there’s a problem. Bunty will do anything for love – except get married.It’s not hard to understand his phobia of marriage if one were to look at his parents, Kishen and Mala – two bickering senior citizens who are so incompatible that they are like a match made in hell even on their 35th wedding anniversary!While the couple runs a restaurant where they serve their volatile arguments as complimentary with the food, Bunty has never really understood why his parents got married and what stops them from getting divorced.Our story begins when Bunty finds himself in a tricky situation as Tanya proposes to him. While Bunty struggles to explain his predicament to Tanya, she is left with no other option than drag him to her grandfather, Professor Anthony Gonsalves, who threatens Bunty with an ultimatum – either get married or stop seeing Tanya! Unfortunately for Bunty, the ultimatum comes with a deadline of a few hours on the eve of his parents’ wedding anniversary.But as Bunty watches helplessly, his surprise party for his parents deteriorates into yet another explosive verbal duel between Kishen and Mala before a crowd comprising of friends and foes from the past – including former twin-voiced singing wonder Kundan and 70s sex kitten Mona.

"Desperate to save his parent’s marriage and his own love life, Bunty embarks on the most challenging journey of his life - to turns back the clock – to rewrite Kishen and Mala’s destiny and alter their disastrous arranged marriage into a romantic affair of the hearts. How do you do that? Well, you travel back in time! By stealing your prospective grandfather-in-law’s time machine right before his eyes! To the good old 70s - the time of bell bottoms and hippie hairstyles!In an era where he wasn’t born and caught in a family feud between Kishen’s father, Rai Bahadur, and Mala’s mother, Bholi Devi, Bunty’s future depends on not just playing Cupid and transforming his father from a wimp into an eligible bachelor and his mother from a tomboy into the epitome of feminine grace, but also coping with the inadvertent transformation of Kundan and Mona in the process – which further complicates his already complex mission! Besides, Bunty also has to try and coax the 70s version of Professor Gonsalves to repair the time machine so that he can return to see his efforts in the past bear fruits in the future!In the past that he lands, Bunty realizes that his parents are barely on talking terms. While Mala hangs out with Kundan and behaves like one of the boys, Kishen is at the receiving end of her bullying and ragging routines. To make matters worse, Kishen is also dominated by Rai Bahadur.’

Bunty decides to first transform his mother into a woman with whom his father would fall in love at first sight. While that works, Bunty’s efforts to hardsell his father as an eligible boy for his mother backfires when Mala challenges Kishen to publicly propose to her. For, Kishen goes down on his knees… and faints!With his father becoming the laughing stock of the entire locality, Bunty is determined on a dramatic makeover for Kishen. It’s hard work as the son slowly but steadily changes his father’s looks and personality and transforms him into a cool dude. The change in Kishen doesn’t go unnoticed by Mala – much to the annoyance of rival Kundan.Bunty slowly realizes that creating his parents’ love story from scratch doesn’t end with transforming both of them and getting them attracted to each other. He also has to deal with his grandparents, Rai Bahadur and Bholi Devi, who are each other’s worst enemies.But just when Kishen and Mala fall in love, Bunty finds his own birth in jeopardy when a jealous Kundan challenges Kishen to a competition where the stake is Mala – and Kishen’s defeat is guaranteed! To make matters worse, the ever-fighting Rai Bahadur and Bholi Devi finally agree on one thing – they both are against the concept of a love marriage between their respective son and daughter!Finally, all’s well that ends well, as Bunty races against time to overcome the hurdles of the past for a present where he is much wiser about love and marriage – and blessed with parents who are now inseparable even in their old age on their 35th wedding anniversary!Action Replay is a comedy rollercoaster that takes you back on a time machine to the good old 70s where a son plays Cupid to his own parents – and redefines generation gap
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